Donating, Absconding With Funds, System Down…What Cryptocurrency Exchanges Did During The COVID-19 Outbreak?

Donating, Absconding With Funds, System Down…What Cryptocurrency Exchanges Did During The COVID-19 Outbreak?

At the beginning of 2020, the new coronavirus pneumonia came unexpectedly, and it is getting even worse. This not only threatens the health and safety of people across the country, but also poses a huge challenge to economic development. In face of such situation, no digital currency exchange can manage alone.
When the epidemic broke out, the blockchain industry actively responded to the national call to extend the Spring Festival holiday in a timely manner while working from home. Besides, blockchain companies, including many digital currency exchanges, have donated money and materials to fight the epidemic. Of course, there are also exclusions, some exchanges absconded with funds, some accuse or even attack each other, and some systems were down.
The epidemic struck. In this special period, people from all walks of life, in which digital currency exchanges were also included, have spontaneously established rescue teams to raise funds and transport materials to help Wuhan.
On January 27, 2020, 58COIN announced that it would donate 15 million medical supplies to help fight the epidemic. That night, the first batch of 70,000 protective masks arrived in Wuhan and Huanggang. On February 17, the second batch of 600,000 protective masks were transported from South Korea to China. On February 20, the third batch of tons of vegetables were sent from Yunnan to Hubei.
58COIN was not only concerned about Hubei, but also cared about its users’ health and safety. On February 21, the platform gave 50,000 KF94 masks to users for free. As of February 26, all masks were delivered to users.
In addition to 58COIN, other platforms also contributed to the epidemic.
On January 26, the CEO of Binance, CZ stated on Twitter that the global trading platform has promised to provide 10 million Yuan to help people suffering from illness.
On January 27, OKEx set up a special fund of 10 million Yuan for epidemic prevention and control, and worker together with the China Charity Federation to support front-line protection work.
Following 58COIN and Binance, Huobi Global also established the Huobi Charity Foundation on January 28, setting up a fund of 10 million Yuan, which was mainly used to purchase protective equipment and donate to front-line medical staff.
On January 27, ZB (zb.com) announced the establishment of a 10 million anti-epidemic foundation to support the infected area.

Absconding With Funds
On February 17, Fcoin officially released the "FCoin Truth", saying that the biggest problem for FCoin is not the system down, but the incapability of paying off users’ withdrawals with the reserves. It is expected that the scale of non-payment is about 7,000 to 13,000 BTC.

As soon as this announcement came out, the fact that Fcoin absconded with funds was finally revealed. Given the astounding fact of the inability to pay off tens of thousands of bitcoins, stream of investors seek to defend their rights. Since then, all kinds of merger rumors have been denied by the parties. The former alliances with Du Jun, and Li Lin of Huobi Global have become enemies of today. Zhao Changpeng, showed his hindsight by saying that Fcoin was a CX project as early as in 2018.
Recently, it was reported that the internal market of echoin project on OKEx had crashed and absconded, and this pneumonia was the actual reason.

"Energy Kingdom" claims to be the most worthwhile blockchain game in the second half of 2019. The EC coin it produced was the token of the partner Echoin Energy Public Chain, which was first listed on OKEx. Now that the game has stopped operating.
System Down
CZ’s platform also has its share of problem.
In the evening of February 19, several users revealed that Binance failed for unknown reasons, and then it announced that the system was undergoing a temporary maintenance. Since then, there have been rumors that Binance’s downtime was caused by hack, resulting in the lose of 20,000 BTC and 1.7 million ETH.
It is well known that Binance has suffered multiple outages and has been out of service for 60 hours, and was stolen twice and lost 14,000 bitcoin. Also, Binance was accused of a large-scale leak of user real-name information and fell into the public opinion crisis.
Steadfast Enterprising
While other platforms are busy harvesting investors’ wealth and accusing each other, 58COIN is concentrating on improving its business and strengthening customer service.
During the Spring Festival, 58COIN did not slack off. it launched a series of activities including “forwarding with rewards”, “deposit to share 1 million USDT”, which attracted the active participation of investors. After the holiday, the company arranged all employees to work from home by taking their physical and mental health into consideration, and such arrangement did not affect its business process and customer service at all. All business operations were stable and customer problems were resolved at any time. From February 2 to February 13, in less than two weeks, the volume of holding positions reached new highs for five times, ranking first in the industry.

In such a blatant cryptocurrency realm, 58COIN Exchange can settle down, focusing on developing products and striving to control risks, serves users with professional services. Besides, it has been well-received for more than two years since establishment, and has won the first position in market share for two consecutive years. Such a stable, secure and high-quality exchange is worth looking forward to in the future.
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2019 in Review: Community, Crime, Courtcases, Craig & Consolidation

2019 in Review: Community, Crime, Courtcases, Craig & Consolidation

2019 has been a tumultuous but amazing year for the development and advancement of blockchain technology. Following the rally to the all-time-highs at the end of 2017 and the intense infrastructure development and ongoing Bear Market of 2018 it was clear things were changing quickly. We are about to enter a new decase and the team at Aelf wanted to look back at 2019 and reflect on some of the events that occurred over the last year to see where the industry might be headed in 2020.

Although the year has been considered a continuation of the 2018 bear market, it didn’t stop development, progression and a myriad of crazy events from occurring. This included the challenges associated with global regulations, the upcoming Bitcoin halving event in May 2020, announcement of the Facebook Libra and Telegram Open Network’s (TON) launch delay. This year also saw a myriad of debacles from self-proclaimed Bitcoin creator Craig Wright, the Justin Sun and Warren Buffet lunch situation, the recent claim of Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey’s goal to modify Twitter into a decentralized version of the platform, and President Trump’s Bitcoin statement, among others. Now let’s examine more of what took place during 2019 as we approach the start of the New Year in 2020.
The SEC, Telegram, Facebook Libra, Kik and Blockchain’s Global Regulatory Environment
Many of the world’s governments have been harsh towards blockchain technology in recent years. Particularly, the US Government and the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) have been very reluctant to ease the regulatory framework for blockchain development in the country. This has become more evident in 2019, with the SEC combatting many blockchain projects this year including the $1.7 billion-dollar token offering of the Telegram Open Network
and the Facebook Libra project. As well the SEC created controversy in a gruesome battle with Kik over its alleged illegal token offering that Kik has sworn to fight to their last breath.

Many proponents of blockchain technology accuse the SEC of unfair policies to put a stranglehold on the development on blockchain in order to prevent the devaluation of the American monetary system. The reluctance for crypto exchanges to set up shop in the US is also becoming more prevalent because of the supposedly biased and unfavourable approach of the SEC. Nevertheless, there are also several major countries including China that have for the most part embraced the advancement of blockchain technology in 2019. China has also nearly finalized the development of the digital Chinese Yuan and announced that that country is going all in on blockchain development despite its sometimes anti-Bitcoin approach.
The Bitcoin Halving Event and its Ongoing Effect on Market Conditions
With the end of 2019 nearly upon us and the upcoming Bitcoin halving event set to take place during May of 2020 the market could be overdue for a bull market of mass proportions. Remember, the last bull market that took place was 2 years ago during December 2017 and was followed by an incredible dump from the all-time-high price of 20 thousand US Dollars to just 3300 USD in December 2018. For the most part, 2018 was a blood-bath for crypto markets and 2019 has not been all that much better. The price did briefly rally up to 14 thousand US Dollars during mid 2019 but has since been reduce by half with the Bitcoin price presently at just over 7000 US Dollars. Bitcoin was designed by its original creators with code written to mitigate the negative effects of inflation. In order to curb inflation, once every 4 years (or 210,000 blocks) the mining rewards that the network automatically generates are reduced in half.

3 Additional Stories to Watch in 2020
In June, the CEO of Tron, Justin Sun purchased tickets through eBay for a charity auction to have lunch with Warren Buffet. Sun paid a record $4.56 million US Dollars in the process becoming the highest bid in the 20-year history of the event. The purpose of the lunch from Sun’s standpoint is to change Mr. Buffet’s viewpoint towards crypto and blockchain tech by inviting several blockchain industry leaders to help sway the famous investor’s perspective. Sun subsequently missed the lunch he scheduled in September because of a sudden bout with kidney stones. At this time, the community will have to wait and see when Sun and Buffet will meet in 2020. Stay tuned.
Back in December of 2015, Craig Wright claimed publicly to be the creator of Bitcoin, Satoshi Nakamoto. Most believe Wright was lying to gain more fame and recognition in the industry. On November 18th, 2018 Bitcoin SV hard forked from the Bitcoin Cash Network to create it own chain. As noted above, the disgruntled CEO of Bitcoin SV, has for years maintained he led the initial development of Bitcoin. During February 2018, Wright was the subject of a 5.118-Billion-dollar lawsuit by Dave Kleiman claiming that Wright defrauded Kleiman of Bitcoin while working on the initial development of the Bitcoin Network between 2009 and 2013. In August 2019, Wright was ordered by a court of law to pay half the 5.11 Billion in Bitcoin back to Kleiman. Throughout 2019, Wright launched lawsuits against Ethereum founder Vitalik Buterin, Bitcoin Cash’s Roger Ver and others for calling him a fraud. It seems likely Wright will continue his ongoing Satoshi rhetoric in 2020.

The CEO of Twitter, Jack Dorsey recently stated that he has hired 5 full-time employees to modify the Twitter platform and make it increasingly decentralized. This may seem like a small step initially, but this project could be expanded easily by someone of Dorsey’s reputation and wealth in the technology industry. Dorsey himself has been a long-term proponent of blockchain technology and an investor in Bitcoin. Binance CEO, Changpeng Zhao, recently offered to help Dorsey make this dream come to fruition. Additionally, Morgan Creek Capital founder Anthony Pompliano supported Dorsey’s statement noting that, “Jack Dorsey may understand the future better than any entrepreneur on the planet right now.”
This year we saw Kik, Telegram and Facebook Libra face fierce backlash from the most powerful regulatory body in the world, the SEC. We saw the Chinese government announce that they are all in on blockchain development and declare the upcoming launch of their own centralized digital Chinese Yuan. Justin Sun postponed his 4.56-million-dollar lunch with billionaire investor Warren Buffet because of health issues, while Jack Dorsey the CEO of Twitter proclaimed a more decentralized and open version of Twitter to prevent some of the abuse on the platform.
In 2019, the 4-year long Craig Wright and Satoshi Nakamoto saga continued, and we finally are moving closer to the much-anticipated Bitcoin halving event of May 2020 that could change the trajectory of the Bitcoin price for much of 2020 and 2021. It is clear 2019 has been an incredible year for the blockchain industry. With no shortage of uncertainty and scepticism in the short-term, it is likely that 2019 will pale in comparison to the developments of 2020. As we approach 2020, the industry will continue to expand towards mass adoption and the mainstream evolution of blockchain technology. Nevertheless, with the global regulatory blockchain environment evolving in many areas across the world, the uncertainty in the United States remains stronger than ever. There is no telling what will happen in this regard and what will happen with Bitcoin and this amazing revolution in 2020 and beyond.
Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from the Aelf Blockchain team and a Happy 2020 to all our community members!! Thank You
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